Benefits Administration

Flexible, Configurable Systems

Our systems are built around your needs. They are configurable and easy to customize. You can utilize our systems for only the services you require.

We Provide:

  • Platform implementation
  • Data cleansing, importing/exporting, reporting and warehousing
  • Plan migration
  • Consolidating enrollment forms
  • Claims assistance
  • Billing and reconciliation
  • Dependent audits

Data Collection and Exchange

Stratovize will ensure the efficient transfer of enrollment data between technology platforms. We load employee-level data from human resources information systems (HRIS) into our enrollment platform through a secured process. We provide post-enrollment return of employee enrollment data and deductions to the client’s HRIS/payroll system.

At Stratovize we will:

  • Lead from the start to make sure the system is set up properly, based on your rules and plans
  • Properly test the platform to ensure issues are corrected prior to going live
  • Be there at open enrollment and throughout the year
  • Support employee inquiries, whether in person or on the phone, throughout the year
  • Work with your HR and payroll personnel to accommodate your payroll deduction reporting
  • Audit elections and premiums between payroll, the benefit administration system and carriers
  • Assist employees with refunds, policy changes, claims and general questions

Human Resources Reporting

We provide Human Resources with the tools and metrics needed to accurately measure and evaluate an enrollment’s progress. Reporting an accurate picture of an enrollment’s progress allows Human Resources teams to make adjustments to enrollment conditions.

Some of our standard reports include:

  • Evidence of insurability
  • Not-enrolled or incomplete enrollments
  • Dependent eligibility
  • Wellness participation
  • Reporting to assist in corporate strategy and budgeting
  • Plus many more, including custom reports

Benefit Administration Support

Stratovize excels at understanding the required flow of data within the employee life cycle. We create a visual that clearly shows how data flows, where we can improve data accuracy and integration, eliminate redundancy, secure access to confidential information and avoid errors and omissions.

Many benefits administrators struggle when it comes to integrating with payroll and other HRIS systems. Stratovize makes it a point to understand your full HRIS environment. We start by sitting down with our clients and outlining how data will best be transitioned from HR and payroll platforms to the benefits administration system and then to all the benefit carriers and COBRA and FSA administrators. We visually outline all the systems that touch your world, providing for many of our clients the first full view of their data environment. We then overlay where employees and administrators access these systems and for what processes. Finally, we track the movement of premium payments, whether through payroll deductions or directly by an employee or retiree.

We understand which systems own which processes and thus where changes need to take place. Thus, by understanding the upstream systems (imports) and downstream systems (exports) and how they fit into the overall solution, we can optimize processes and the accuracy of the data within all solutions. The end result is we save you time and money by reducing data problems upfront and keep them from transferring throughout multiple systems.

Our technology team ensures accurate data feeds are sent to customers’ HRIS, payroll systems, carriers and vendors on time. From fully automated electronic data interchange to benefit administration, we have processes for collecting, cleansing, reporting and importing/exporting data.