Population Health Solutions

Whether you are running a large corporation or a health system, one of your goals is to increase the quality of health care while driving down your costs. The challenges are many, and the solutions are not always evident or readily available.

Employers are counting on their wellness programs to bend the benefits/cost curve. To reduce costs, companies must employ strong communication and engagement programs. Those who don’t risk wasting their investment of resources. Studies tell us poor employee engagement is the biggest obstacle to changing employees' health risk behavior. Many employees know little about their company’s wellness programs or how to participate in them.

Stratovize will help by creating strategies and processes that drive robust and meaningful communication through our Decision Support Specialists. We increase participation in wellness programs and improve them by working with the Consultants at Johns Hopkins HealthCare.

Solving For Better Benefits Communication

When making changes to benefit plans, the intent is to reduce costs. Communicating the changes and explaining how to utilize plans effectively is imperative to meet your objectives. Stratovize can help you. We take the time to understand your employees' learning and engagement preferences. We discover what worked in the past, in addition to methods that presented challenges. We then customize a process that engages employees utilizing their preferred modality. Whether they prefer kinesthetic, visual or auditory modalities, we can deliver.

We provide you a choice to engage employees online, whether on mobile or computer, and face-to-face or via call center. Every employee will be given the opportunity to understand their benefits and make knowledgeable decisions regarding plan choices. We’ll make it easy for them to engage in any health and wellness initiative you're promoting.

Solving For Better Benefit Administration Solutions

Many consultants are skilled at providing boxed, ready-to-go solutions. Unfortunately, many consultants are less able to provide support or direction outside of that box. This leaves you to discover issues that these solutions may present.

At Stratovize we bring a refreshing approach. We spend the time up front to understand how our services will best benefit your client’s and their employees. In addition, we’ll determine how our services and systems best integrate with everything you do. At Stratovize our executive team has extensive experience finding the right solutions for companies of any size

Stratovize has an experienced team who can evaluate a client’s current benefits administration and enrollment systems. We provide a comprehensive review of your current state. This is accomplished through a discovery process and will allow you to better understand what the capabilities and potential shortcomings are for the current system. We'll prepare an executive summary with observations and recommendations. This could lead to making improvements to an existing system or conducting an RFP for consideration to make a change.

Every year we see new benefits administration solutions coming into the market as well as others disappearing. It’s hard to tell from a PowerPoint presentation what the real-life experience will be like for both employees and administrators and compare one solution to another. At Stratovize we have extensive experience working with and implementing the majority of the premiere platforms in the industry.

We know:

  • The Leadership teams
  • The Implementation teams
  • The Service teams
  • The Carrier teams that work well with these others
  • Where they excel
  • Where they struggle
  • How to put in place relationships that work for the client and the vendor

Our goal is helping our clients reach a higher level of success in the areas of health and finance. We are the contact for you or the employee for anything related to the service of your voluntary benefits, whether it be claims, billing, termination or porting of coverage, coverage questions or changes. All calls are recorded and logged into a service database that we share with your human resources department.

Consulting On Voluntary Benefit Products

We provide:

  • Plan assessment and gap analysis
  • Carrier comparisons and RFP process
  • Product selection and marketing
  • Implementation and enrollment strategy
  • Carrier administration and technology
  • Product replacement strategies

Stratovize evaluates products in a broader context:

  • Overall corporate benefit strategy
  • Coordination with core benefits
  • Benefit utilization weighting
  • Identify how products support employer wellness initiatives
  • Financial benefits of each product provision
  • Financial analysis of claims scenarios

Stratovize monitors market changes in:

  • Current products
  • New product offerings
  • Underwriting
  • Service and administration capabilities
  • Medical plan design and their impact on voluntary products
  • Health care trends
  • Industry best practices