The best enrollment methods meet corporate objectives, improve employees' understanding of their benefits and increase engagement and participation in benefit and wellness programs. Stratovize offers a wide range of benefit enrollment and communication solutions, enabling employees to make informed decisions regarding their financial and physical health.

Enrollment Methods

On-Site Enrollment

Our experience shows us that most employees appreciate the opportunity to sit down and talk with someone at open enrollment. Stratovize makes it easy for employees to schedule a face-to-face meeting with our Decision Support Specialists to complete their enrollment.

Call Center Enrollment

Whether it's for open enrollment, new hire election or a life event change, our Decision Support Specialists are there to assist. They walk the employee through the enrollment platform or take their elections for them. Our Decision Support Specialists provide employees with the information they will need to make the right decisions.

Employee Self-Service

Much more goes into an enrollment than just capturing an election. Stratovize analyzes the full solution when helping you choose the right platform. Data security, payroll and carrier interfaces, employee education and ease of use are all critical to success. Employee self-service eases the workload for HR and provides an up-to-date single source to access your data.

We provide enrollment services and assist employees with making informed decisions. Regardless of how employees choose to enroll, Decision Support Specialists are available to answer any questions.

Decision Support Specialists are knowledgeable and well-trained on a client’s culture, wellness and benefits programs. They are available to answer questions about high-deductible health plans and explain how voluntary benefits can mitigate their financial risk (out-of-pocket-costs such as deductibles and co-pays). Our goal is to help employees understand how all their benefits work together to help protect their financial well-being.